Wednesday, December 1, 2010

YouTube Launches 'TrueView' - New Skippable Ad Format

Are you tired of the Ads that play over YouTube videos? Do you want to skip those annoying Ads? Yeah, you can do it now.

YouTube toady launches a new Ad format named 'TrueView', which allows users to skip the Ads they aren't interested in over YouTube videos.

TrueView ads will be in two forms:

TrueView Form One
  • Ads with a five seconds countdown timer. This kind of Ads will play for five seconds, after which you can choose to skip the ads and get back to the video you wanted to see, or continue to watch the entire ads.

  • TrueView Form Two
  • Three pre-roll ads that users can choose from. This form of ads has been offered by Hulu for several years.
Both of the two forms of ads are significantly different from the tranditional ads on YouTube. This is good to users as they can choose to watch the ads they are interested in. Advertisers are also OK with it as they only need to pay for the ads that users actually watch, just as what Google said.

TrueView is a new thing, and currently be applied to only a small part of YouTube videos. Will it be applied to all YouTube videos? I don't know. Afterall, it's all depends on the advertisers.

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