Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Download 'Pretty Eyes' - Alex Goot Song and Music Video from YouTube

Pretty Eyes is a nice song performed by YouTube star Alex Goot. Currently it's the latest and top song by Goot. With Alex Goot's sweet voice, the song sounds very romantic. Music video of Pretty Eyes was directed by Kurt Schneider and was released on 22 January, 2011 on YouTube.

Pretty Eyes music video on YouTube has quickly gone viral and gained 1 million views so far.

Pretty Eyes - Alex Goot music video view counts stats
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The song is also available for download on iTunes.

Alex Goot – Pretty Eyes Lyrics

pretty eyes staring back at me so blue and wide
the colors of the summer sky
the colors of the world
if love is blind, why do i see you so clearly now?
perfect vision of our love somehow
you take over my mind
look up into the galaxy tonight
the stars illuminate the love we make

you and your pretty eyes
you keep me alive

pretty eyes you're the one that keeps up all night
i know no one else could make me feel this way
i want to look up into the milky way tonight
the sky illuminates the love we make
the love we make so bright

you and your pretty eyes
you keep me alive

as the moon shines its light on you
your pretty eyes they glow
tell me that you'll stay the night
just stay a while

you and your pretty eyes
you keep me alive

More information of Alex Goot – Pretty Eyes

Starring: Alex Goot, Julie Shain
Directed by: Kurt Schneider
Director of Photography and Colorist: Christopher Ripley

Facebook- http://fb.me/gootmusic
Twitter- http://twitter.com/alexgoot

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