Thursday, July 15, 2010

YouTube will fully support 3D in the next 12 months

Mick Hocking, the studio exec in Sony, last week revealed that YouTube will fully support 3D technique in the next 12 months and would be part of Sony's upcoming 3D products.

Sony will integrate YouTube's 3D technique into its several upcoming products including Sony's Google TV, PlayStation 3 and mobile devices. Sony's Google TV, which is one of a few Google manufacturing partners on Google TV, will bebuts later this year.

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To be sure, that people who gonna to enjoy 3D video or other media content have to equip their machine with new hardware that supports 3D technique, which will be offered by Sony. For example, to watch 3D videos on YouTutbe, you will need the below devices: 3D display, a HDMI 1.4 compliant video card, TV or computer OS that supports 3D, and update your IE 6 to a higher version. To watch 3D content of your family or happy holidays on PlayStation 3, you need to take pictures or video clips with 3D camcorder.

In fact, about one year ago, YouTube have already quietly began to support 3D content in YouTube 3D's channel. But there is no consolidated 3D YouTube protocol for that. So if your hardware supports 3D, you can watch 3D YouTube video at once. The method to find 3D videos on YouTube is by searching for "yt3d:enable=true".

The below YouTube video is recorded in 3D, you'll need to view them on YouTube, where they'll be equipped with a 3D pull down menu.

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