Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Incredible Roger Federer shooting bottle film on Gillette ad: Real or Fake?

Roger Federer, the legend of tennis, is not only good at tennis, but also good at 'shooting bottle':)

Believe or not, he twice shot a metal bottle off a guy's head with a powerful serve during filming for a Gillette ad. Just as shown in the below YouTube video. (You can use Leawo Free YouTube Downloader to download it to your computer)

The above video by now has been hit 3,056,874 times on YouTube, therefore is becoming a YouTube sensation.

The tennis genius has not confirmed whether it's real. He told the Associated Press that "Yeah. Well, there's a lot of debate at the moment, you know," Federer said after his opening match at the Cincinnati Masters on Wednesday. "You know how it is with magicians. They don't tell how their tricks work, you know."

What do you think? Is it Real or just the result of advanced Computer-generated imagery (CGI)?

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