Tuesday, March 8, 2011

'Jennifer Aniston Sex Tape' Goes Viral on YouTube and Twitter

Jennifer Aniston SmartWater Video pictureJennifer Aniston, perhaps best known for her role in Friends as Rachel, is back with a newly released advert video 'Jennifer Aniston Sex Tape'. The video is a promotional clip for water brand SmartWater, and has gone viral on main social media websites including YouTube and Twitter.

The smart video for SmartWater is really creative, funny and awesome that it has attracted 1.8 million visits at YouTube since it debuted yesterday. It's okay to download 'Jennifer Aniston Sex Tape' viral video from YouTube to your computer; tool recommended is Leawo Free YouTube Downloader.

In the video, Jennifer Aniston is assigned by SmartWater to shoot an advertisement video that needs to go viral, so she needs to find an angle in which she can advertise the water. The fame actress firstly finds Keenan Cahill, the YouTube sensation known for his expressive lip-synching, and asks if he knows any songs about water, but Keenan answers 'No'.

She continues to find out way to make the video become viral. Aniston then references several memes from previous viral YouTube videos, including the puppies (because 'animals are huge online'), an naughty parrot saying 'Rachel, I love your hair' to Jennifer Aniston, adorable dirty dancing babies and double rainbow guy. However the actress isn't satisfied with all the above viral elements so she kicks the crotch for one of her fans.

Finally Aniston ends the video with a very sexy sipping SmartWater move, which is one of the best scene in the video. Do you like the video? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Jennifer is one of the hottest girl in the world, I like the star sex tapes because they are like porn-stars!Everyone has the right to express an opinion.