Sunday, April 24, 2011

Press One Key to Transfer Videos from Google Video to YouTube

As I blogged last Sunday, Google Video announced its upcoming ending on April 29 via Email. Users can download their videos from the platform before they would be removed. Based on the users' feedback, Google Video now offers the option for uploading its video to YouTube to simplify the migration. Current links to the videos on Google Video are still be accessible. Google's Engineering Manager Mark Dochtermann said this on YouTube blog two days ago.

Users can find the 'Upload Videos to YouTube' option on Google Video status page. You need a YouTube account associated with Google account, and read YouTube's Terms of Use and Copyright Policies. By checking this option, existing Google Video links continue to function, as Mark said.
Upload Google Video to YouTube
If you prefer to download your videos to make some changes to them, you can choose the 'Download Video' option. Besides that, you could use Leawo Download YouTube software to download the videos to your computer.

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