Sunday, May 29, 2011

Download Avril Lavigne - Smile Music Video from YouTube

Avril Lavigne - Smile artworkThe picture on the left is the artwork of punk rock singer Avril Lavigne's latest single "Smile". The song serves as the second single of her highly anticipated upcoming fourth studio album "Goodbye Lullaby". Lavigne hasn't released any new album for 4 years. Her last album is "The Best Damn Thing", which was released on 17 April 2007.

Lavigne posted the 'Smile' music video to YouTube on May 18, 2011. The video is embedded below from YouTube. So you can watch it and tell us what's your opinion in the comment section. What's more, you can use this Free YouTube Downloader to download Avril Lavigne - Smile Music video from YouTube to your computer.

A lot of people think that "Smile" is better than "What the Hell" - lead single in the same album. Do you agree with it? In terms of charts, "What the Hell" peaks at the No.11 at the Billboard Hot 100, while "Smile" has never charted on the chart.

Okay, back the the "Smile" music video. The video can be logically divided into two parts: Avril inside the white room and outside the room. Inside the white room, the wall was sprayed with graffiti and decorated with some posters; Avril is seen singing and playing a red electronic guitar. She wear green shoes and yellow pattern T-shirt. Her hair is partly green. The scenes are colorful. Then Lavigne walks outside the room; the scenes all turn to black and white; she walk through some unhappy people, pick up pieces of red glasses representing "broken hearts" from them, and put the fragments together to make a heart. Those people become happay and have smile on their faces.

I like the theme of the music video. It's lovely and sweet. The song is great, too - lively, stylish and catchy. I can't stop hitting the Replay button of the video. Looking forward to the rest singles in the "Goodbye Lullaby" album and its debut.

Here is the lyrics of Avril Lavigne's Smile:

You know that I'm a crazy bitch
I do what I want when I feel like it
All I wanna do is lose control
But you don't really give a shit
you don't let it go let it go with it
'cause you're fucking crazy rock'n'roll

You said "Hey,
What's your name?"
it took one look
and now I'm not the same
Yeah you said "Hey."
and since that day
you stole my heart
and you're the one to blame

and that's why I smile
It's been a while
since every day and everything has
felt this right
and now you're turning all around
and suddenly you're all I need
The reason why I smile

Last night I blacked out I think
What did you, what did you put in my drink?
I remember making out and then, oh, oh
I woke up with a new tattoo
your name was on me and my name was on you
I will do it all over again



You know that I'm a crazy bitch
I do what I want when I feel like it
All I wanna do is lose control
You know that I'm a crazy bitch
I do what I want when I feel like it
All I wanna do is lose control

Smile is the good invisible remedy. Smile makes the person feels younger. Have you smiled today? If no, watch Lavigne's 'Smile' music video above and face our lives with smile:)

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