Sunday, September 4, 2011

Amazing trick video shots from YouTube for free download

If you are seeking for some funny and interesting trick video shots, YouTube would always meet your needs and satisfy you with abundant of amazing trick video shots on different areas, like soccer performing tricks, table tennis pool tricks, etc. I have just collected some amazing YouTube trick video shots from the YouTube Trends Blogspot for sharing with all of you guys. Watch these amazing YouTube trick videos. They may not make millions, but there’s budding sports stars all over the world with amazing skills that will never be featured on the professional courts.

1. Amazing Freestyle Soccer tricks

This street performer uses his surroundings and acrobatic abilities to show off all his soccer ball skills. While you won’t need to climb up a pole in the middle of the pitch, his athleticism is still impressive.

2. Amazing Beer Pong Trick Shots

We don’t want to know the hours of practice that went into making all these shots… and how many uttakes there must have been to create this compilation.

3. Dude Perfect™ (Backyard Edition)

Dude perfect one upped the beer pong team with these amazing basketball trick shots:

4. 6 amazing Pool Trick Shots by Mike Massey
You can free download these amazing YouTube trick videos to your own PC or portable media players for freely playback and enjoying on the go. Leawo Free YouTube Downloader could help you download YouTube videos to your PC or devices with ease to enable you enjoy YouTube trick videos unlimited. If you are using Mac computers, then you could use Leawo YouTube Downloader for Mac to download YouTube videos on Mac. Just remember that all these YouTube videos belong to their authors, thus no commercial or illegal use.

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