Sunday, September 18, 2011

Foo Fighters counter attack Westboro Baptist Church by perfomring Keepin it Clean in KC (Kansas City)

"On Aug. 30th, 2011 Westboro Baptist Church called for a picket of the Foo Fighters show in Kansas City. We had a little something up our sleeve. God Bless America."

On August 30th, the Westboro Baptist Church announced they would be picketing the Foo Fighters upcoming show. (This was nothing new for the church -- its followers regularly picket pop concerts in the area.) But according to the Huffington Post, the Foo Fighters got wind of the planned protest, and devised a counter attack.

The Westboro Baptist Church has made a name by its extreme anti-homosexuality beliefs, subsequent picketing campaigns and the funerals of U.S. soldiers. They should have thought twice before announcing their plans to cause a scene at the Foo Fighters — who they claim promote idolatry — concert in Kansas City on September 16th. Knowing full well what the ultra-religious anti-gay group had planned, the Foo Fighters donned their "Hot Buns" trucker personas and crashed the party.  

Take a watch on the Foo Fighters – Keep it Clean in KC video from YouTube top get to know how the Foo Fighters crashed the Westboro Baptist Church’s planned picketing of their concert in Kansas City.

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