Monday, November 1, 2010

Chad Hurley Quits YouTube's CEO Position

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Chad Hurley, YouTube's co-founder and CEO, has quit the CEO position and leaves the top seat to Google's No.9 employee Salar Kamangar.

In fact, this transition has been brewing for two years. In 2008, Google assigned Salar Kamangar, the vice president of Google's web application, to work with Hurley on guiding YouTube toward profitability, while Hurley worked as an advisory role. Hurley also indicated this at the Founders conference in Dublin last week:
"For the past two years, I've taken on more of an advisory role at YouTube as Salar Kamangar has led the company's day-to-day operations."

Except YouTube, Hurley also runs a fashion business called Hlaska. Hurley said he will continue serving YouTube in an advisory role as his part-time job and will mainly concentrate his attention on Hlaska.

By now all YouTube’s co-founders have stepped down from YouTube's leadership position. As the other two YouTube's co-founders Steve Chen and Jawed Karin had already left the company before. With Kamangar's new CEO role, Google's influence on YouTube becomes more wide and profound.

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