Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Turkey Course Ban YouTube Again

Turkey bann YouTube againThree days before, Turkey ended the 30-month ban on YouTube and Turkish people could access the site. But things change fast. As YouTube is banned again in Turkey today. What a surprise!

Turkish course lifted the ban 3 days before because they thought that YouTube was willing to censor content on their behalf. But it's not true. Just as the post I wrote before, the controversial video was removed by a German-based international licensing service due to a copyright claim, not by YouTube. What's worse, another video considered to be objectionable in Turkish court's eyes was found. This objectionable video on YouTube is a clip of politician Deniz Baykal's illicit tryst with a female aidel.

I suggest that Turkish people should find alternative video site to YouTube, as this time they are supposed to be banned from YouTube for a long time.

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