Monday, August 1, 2011

Google+ Handouts users now able to watch YouTube Live Streaming videos

Google+ Handouts
In the past one month, Google+ has attracted great attention ever since it's launched. Handouts, as a main feature of Google+, has also been an impulse power to spread Google+ popularity. Google+ Handouts has been able to support recorded YouTube videos with up to ten users. But now, the Google+ Handouts has added YouTube Live streaming videos viewing for Google+ users to enjoy YouTube Live videos together with their friends, of course, only up to ten friends.

While it’s not exactly simple to enable a live video feed alongside a Hangout chat now, Google plans to add tools that will make it a lot easier to find those live video feeds on YouTube while using Hangouts. The details on how to watch YouTube Live streaming videos on Google+ Handouts showed in steps bellow:
1. Create a new Handouts session in Google+ and invite your friends.
2. Select the YouTube Live videos you want to watch by heading over to in a separate browser tab.
3. Copy the YouTube Live streaming videos ID code. The YouTube Live videos ID code could be seen by clicking the share tab under the YouTube videos, e.g. the red letters of
4. Return to Handouts, open the video tab and search for the I.D.
5. Click play and you would be able to watch the YouTube Live streaming videos together. 
Watch YouTube Live on Google+ Handouts

Now, the Google+ Handouts only supports manual search for YouTube Living streaming videos. In the future, Handouts would be consolidated more tightly with YouTube Live streaming videos for more convenient use by inserting the YouTube Live page to Handouts. Imagine that, you and your friends watch the same match in different cities, and you can not only share the match live with your friends on YouTube Live, but see their response as well. 

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