Tuesday, August 16, 2011

YouTube trend: Surprise Wedding – Bride Had No Idea

Surprise Wedding - Colleen and Shawn
You are sure to be sweet touched by the smile on the face of the two young people in the above picture as they just got married, Colleen and Shawn. Shawn and Colleen has been 7-year-long lovers and just got married in a big surprise wedding ceremony produced by the thoughtful groom. Check the following YouTube video to know the surprise for Colleen. If you like, you could use free YouTube Downloader to free download Surprise Wedding video from YouTube, or use YouTube Downloader for Mac to download it onto your Mac computer. 

A brief introduction about "Surprise Wedding – Bride Had No Idea" from the video owner, GavinMichaelBooth: One of my close friends, Shawn, put together a surprise wedding for his fiance Colleen and he asked me to film it for him. She thinks she's heading to a retirement party and has no idea that 200 of her family and friends are waiting for her to get married today! This video shows how he put it all together and her reaction to the surprise. Will she go through with it and get married on the spot? Watch and find out!

Now, you have got the answer that the bride was overwhelmed by the surprise and said yes to Shawn. Just look how happy Colleen becomes in the video after she became aware of this. Really sweet and happy laugh. Let's wish the two young couple would have a happy family.

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