Friday, August 19, 2011

How to watch YouTube videos with your Google+ Hangouts from YouTube

Hi everybody, I wrote a post on how to watch YouTube Living Stream videos with your Google+ Hangouts. But today, the topic is to introduce a new way for you to watch and share the same YouTube videos and YouTube Living Stream Videos with your Google+ Hangouts.
Watch YouTube with Google+ Hangouts from YouTube
 Just showed in the above picture, when you are going to share YouTube address links, you could see "Watch with your friends, Start a Google+ Hangout" option on the bottom right of the sharing box. By clicking it, you will be guided to sign in to your Google account to start a Google+ Hangout to share the YouTube videos or Living Stream videos with your friends.

Google is on the way to consolidate Google+ with other Google products, which may indicate the upcoming full scale launch of Google+.

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