Wednesday, July 20, 2011

YouTube Automatic Caption Creating Feature Upgrated with Japanese Supported

Auto-captions is one of the sweetest features of YouTube. Displaying captions from identifying audio in video, the sweet feature was originally developed for deaf. YouTube launched this feature last March. Since then, nearly 40 million videos have generated auto-captions.

However, this feature only supported English. YouTube also wants to take the feature International. On July 19, 2011, YouTube announced that the automatic caption creating feature is now available to one more language - Japanese. Source is here in a post in YouTube's blog.

Brad Ellis, Product Manager of YouTube Japan said in the post: "Now on any video with a clear Japanese speech track, a red "CC" button will appear at the bottom of the player, where you can click it to generate automatic captions from the speech. We're also working closely with the the Japan Federation for the Deaf to improve this technology and make it more useful."

Ellis also said that you can translate the automatic generated caption into other 50 languages when the auto-captions featured are combined with the translation feature.

Here is an example for the newly released Japanese automatically captioning feature:

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